4 Common Misconceptions About Puppy Grooming

January 16, 2020 at 5:00 AM
by Beech Lake Animal Hospital

Are you on the hunt for the best puppy grooming near me but aren’t sure how the process works or even what to look for in a puppy groomer? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding puppy and dog grooming, making it a challenge to figure out what’s best for your pet.

To make your life easier, we here at Beech Lake Animal Hospital are addressing these common myths so you can make well-informed decisions about pet care and how much grooming your puppy really needs.

Myth 1: You can wash your puppy with human shampoo

This is a common myth a lot of pet owners assume is true. If it’s good enough for your hair, it’s good enough for your fur baby – right?

Wrong! Canine hair and skin are completely different than our own. Your shampoo may give you luxurious hair, but it can dry out or irritate your puppy’s delicate skin. If you decide to give your pup a quick wash in between trips to your local groomer, always use a special shampoo for puppies.

Myth 2: My puppy doesn’t shed so she doesn’t need a lot of grooming

Despite what a lot of people believe, there’s no such thing as a puppy that doesn’t shed. All dogs shed. What is true is that some dogs shed more than others.

Even if you have a puppy that’s known to be a low-shedding breed such as a little poodle pup, you’ll still want to stay on top of your puppy grooming good habits. Your dog needs regular baths and regular brushing. If you notice your puppy scratching her skin a lot, talk to us about what food you are giving her. Sometimes young dogs require a little extra nutrition to help keep their skin soft and healthy and to prevent dryness.

Myth 3: I can give my puppy a bath just as well as the professionals

You may be great at keeping your dog clean, but when people look for a nearby puppy groomer, they’re usually looking for more than a basic bath. At Beech Lake Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of grooming and pampering services to keep your puppy looking and feeling fantastic. We can bathe your pet, cut their hair to an appropriate length for the season, trim their nails, and check their oral health. We have special shampoos and grooming products that make it a lot easier to give your pet an end-to-end clean. So, while we think all pet owners should bathe their puppies, don’t hesitate to reach out for help for a lot of the more complex upkeep tasks, such as nail trimming and dental brushing.

Myth 4: My puppy only needs a bath when she gets dirty

Actually, it’s a good idea to keep up a regular bathing routine whether you do it at home or rely on the local groomer – or both. Regular bathing helps to keep your pet, and your home, sparkling clean. Bathing is important for your dog’s skin health as well. We often see dogs develop dry, itchy skin that can make them very uncomfortable simply because they don’t have a regular grooming routine.

If you have any other questions about grooming your pet or if you’re looking for a good puppy groomer in the Lexington area, get in touch with us today. We can answer any questions you have, and we’re happy to set up an appointment to groom and care for your furry friend.