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Leaving for a Holiday: Arrangements You Can Make to Keep Your Pet Comfortable
October 2, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Beech Lake Animal Hospital
Emergency vet visits may not be necessary for this cat and dog pair.

It’s been months since you started planning for your dream holiday. You’ve got all wardrobe essentials together, your budget is all set, tickets are booked, and all you need to do is hop into a cab and get to the airport on your flight date.

It will only be a weeklong vacation, but you can’t keep your mind of the adventures that await – except, perhaps, your pet. If you’re not going to have your pet tag along, you need to make sure they are safe, happy, fed, and healthy while you are away.

If you have a cat, temporary living arrangements are usually easier to make, such as leaving your pet with a neighbor they know, or a friend they really get along well with. If it’s a dog, however, you may need to make special arrangements to keep your furry pal happy and comfortable for a couple of days.

So, before you go, make sure you take care of the following things:

Make sure your pet is microchipped

If your pet is microchipped, you needn’t worry about your pet escaping or running away from their temporary home and getting lost forever (a real nightmare for pet owners). The microchip contains all essential details about your pet, including your contact information.

Let a friend, neighbor or family member take over

You can always leave your pet with someone you and your pet know such as a friendly neighbor, a friend or family member. It’s important that they get along, and that the temporary pet caretaker is willing and has time to attend to your pet’s needs.

Be sure to leave behind some toys and pet necessities that will help ease the period of your absence. These include pet food, food, and water bowls, favorite toys, waste bags, leash and collar, a bag or plastic tote, thermal blanket, and pet first aid kit. For your pet’s security and comfort, leave a blanket with your scent to keep your pet company while you’re away.

Leave your pet with a pet sitter or boarding facility

Another alternative would be hiring a professional pet sitter is trained to look into the daily needs of your pet, as well as provide the human companionship your pet has gotten so used to. Else, if you’ve ever made use of a day care for pets before, you may also want to check if they provide boarding services of a longer duration.

Keep things as normal as possible

Before leaving your pet with your designated caretaker, don’t forget to brief them on your pet’s daily routine such as playtime, the feeding schedule, potty time, and baths. Write these down as well and give them a copy. Pets need consistency in their routine, and it should be maintained even when you’re not around to ease your pet’s anxiety.

Don’t linger as you say goodbye

When it’s time for you to go, don’t take too long saying goodbye. Pretend that you’re only going to the supermarket; keep it short and sweet. Dragging out your goodbye will only upset you, and stress your pet. Make your farewell a happy one. After all, you’ll be back in a week’s time.

Once all of these arrangements are done, you can then look forward to your holiday, confident in the thought that your pet is in good hands.