Day care for pets: 3 things to know before you go

July 31, 2020 at 7:00 AM
two dogs enjoying their time at a day care for pets

In a perfect world, you’d spend all day with your four-legged best friend. But, as we all know, that’s usually not the case.

When you have to leave them for the day, whether because of work or for other reasons, bringing them to a pet day care ensures that they’re well taken care of during your absence.

But if this is your first time (and even if you consider yourself a regular), here are three things to know about day care for pets.

1. What can you expect?

Our facilities offer a large space for your pup to run around and socialize with other dogs during their stay. If you plan on leaving them for longer periods of time, you can expect them to be walked and fed as well. But regardless of how long your best friend will be with us, our team keeps a watchful eye on them to make sure they’re safe and happy.

And if you have a smaller size pet, like a bird or a hamster, don’t worry. You can still bring them in — our staff will care for them like they were our own.

2. Is there anything you need to do before bringing your pet?

Coming to your pet’s day care prepared makes the process smoother for you, your pet, and the day care staff. Here are some things you should bring with you every time:

  • Your pet’s collar with up-to-date contact information
  • A leash
  • Food (especially if your pet has any allergies or dietary restrictions)
  • A few of their favorite treats
  • Medications and instructions for use
  • Your family, veterinarian’s, and your contact information in case of an emergency
  • Updated medical and vaccination records

Some day care centers may also require you to bring in your dog sometime before your scheduled appointment to see how your dog handles your absence and how they interact with the rest of the pack.

You’ll want to call your day care center beforehand for more information on this and any other special requirements they may have.

3. How much will it cost?

Prices differ from place to place, but the vast majority of pet day care facilities price their services in two ways:

  • Half-day rates
  • Full-day rates

The full-day option is great for those who need someone to keep an eye on their pet for the whole day, like if you have to leave for work. Meanwhile, the half-day alternative is useful for those who only need to step away from their pet for a few hours.

Some day care facilities for pets may also charge additional fees for things like late pick-ups, cancellations, and applications, so this is another thing you’ll want to ask the staff before you book your appointment.

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