Work With an Expert Vet in Lexington, Tennessee

May 5, 2020 at 4:00 AM

If you’re a fur parent, then it’s safe to say you count your pets — whether with scales, feathers or fur — as members of your family. The fact that you call them your fur babies actually says it all.

Pet parents are also notorious for spending more on and being stricter with their pets’ health overall. You feed your pets the best food you can afford, dress them up, celebrate their birthdays and love them with all your heart. This is why finding a veterinary expert you can trust can be daunting.

If you live in Lexington, Tennessee, for example, entrusting the health of your pets is more than a matter of simply finding the nearest vet. It’s more about the reputation of the vet and how their clinic is known to treat animals in their care.

So, to make sure you do a bit of research when deciding on working with an expert vet you can trust, we discuss the benefits of working with one below:

1. Protection from disease

Aside from administering the required core vaccinations and deworming sessions, working with an expert vet means your pets will be getting professional assessments from their doctor. Since pets can’t talk, it’s usually difficult to notice small changes or clues of a growing health concern.

Your veterinarian would know exactly what to look out for even during routine checkups every six months. The early detection of disease and illness can spell the difference between living and dying, so you’ll be glad to know you’re working with an expert pet doctor because you know your pets are in excellent hands.

2. Eradication of parasites

It’s so easy for pets to get all sorts of parasites, whether it’s fleas, ticks, intestinal worms or others. An expert vet can quickly screen your pets for parasites, especially if intestinal parasites are suspected. Usually, all you need to do is bring a stool sample so the vet can perform an inexpensive and quick assessment.

The early detection and eradication of parasites are vital to ensure no serious health issues develop down the line. Brown ticks, for example, can transmit ehrlichiosis which can be fatal to dogs. Canine heartworm, if left untreated, can also put your dog’s life at risk. So, even if you keep your home extremely clean, your pets can still get parasites when you take them outside or come in contact with infected animals.

3. Finding the best toys

Certain materials and substances such as BPA and other toxic chemicals are used in the manufacture of some pet toys. With the help of your trusty veterinarian, you not only have someone to depend on to know if your pet is showing signs of poisoning but you can also prevent this from ever happening. How? Just ask your vet for recommended pet toys that are absolutely safe and will keep your pets occupied mentally and physically.

4. High-quality senior pet care

Just like us, our pets age — and usually at a much faster rate due to their limited life span. With an expert veterinarian, it would be easier to discover aging-related problems your pet may be developing. These include kidney and liver problems and thyroid issues. You can also use your vet appointments to discuss any changes in your pet’s behavior which may indicate brewing health issues. This way, your vet can recommend a treatment regimen to address any developing health concerns.

Your pet doctor can also educate you on how to best care for your senior pets, especially if you have ones already nearing death. Moreover, you can get some support yourself as you prepare for your pet’s passing.

It’s a wonderful thing to have an expert veterinarian you can depend on to show genuine concern and care for your pets. Of course, it’s always great if the closest vet in Lexington, Tennessee (or wherever you live) is also the best vet in the area. If this is the case, count yourself lucky.