Get Your Pet Ready for Warmer Weather with Dog Grooming

March 30, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Pet that has just received dog grooming.

Summer’s nearly here, and that means you and your pet will be spending more time outdoors enjoying the pleasant weather. It’s always an exciting time of year to get active with your dog. But there are risks to keep in mind.

Beech Lake Animal Hospital has served Lexington, TN pets for over 21 years. We know that the warmer months come with new hazards for our furry friends. Thankfully, a summer cut, some brushing, and a bath go a long way in keeping dogs comfortable as temperatures rise.

Here’s how dog grooming can help your pet manage the warm summer months.

Prevents heatstroke

Dogs are at higher risk of suffering heat stroke than us. As you can imagine, warmer days are when they’re most prone. Their fur, which is great for insulating them and trapping warmth during winter, tends not to be as helpful during summer.

A coat that’s too thick retains warmth while your dog tries to cool down, increasing the risk of heatstroke. A summer cut removes excess fur that would otherwise make your dog highly uncomfortable while placing its health at risk.

In a similar vein, a well-brushed coat encourages air circulation during warm days. This helps your dog to enjoy the pleasant weather without facing as much risk of overheating.

Promotes healthy shedding

Dog grooming gets rid of loose fur, encouraging healthy shedding. This is especially important during summer since shedding is part of your dog’s natural cooling process, and it kicks in during summer more than in colder times of year.

Grooming is particularly important if your dog has a thick coat.

And if your dog is double-coated, grooming ensures that it doesn’t overshed, which can also negatively affect its natural cooling.

In addition, proper shedding increases the effectiveness of the other things your dog does to cool itself, such as panting.

Helps with managing fleas and ticks

You’re going to feel more motivated to go out on walks when it’s sunny outside, and your dog’s going to have a more enjoyable time than usual, too. The more time you’ll be spending in the outdoors, however, the greater the risk of your dog being exposed to parasites.

And it’s important to remember that summertime is peak season for ticks, so your dog will be at greater risk than in other months.

But if its fur is too thick or tangled, you might not notice critters such as fleas and ticks until they’ve caused serious health issues, including Lyme disease, paralysis, and anemia.

Grooming makes it easy to spot any harmful parasites that have attached themselves to your dog, prompting you to visit a vet. As a result, all the time you’ll spend outside enjoying the warm weather will carry less risk for your dog.

Plus, the removal of excess fur makes it easier to notice patches of dry skin, which can be signs of allergy or a skin reaction. You’ll be able to act quickly to protect your dog.

Protects your dog from irritation

Apart from parasites, your dog is also at risk from other irritants that cling to nails, skin, and excess fur. The more you’ll be outside, the higher the chances that your dog’s fur will pick up grass seeds and dirt.

When these get under the dog’s paws, they can be highly irritating and painful. You’ll find that your dog isn’t as active or cheerful as normal.

Brushing removes these irritants while a nice summer cut makes it less likely that they’ll be a problem this summer.

Get your pet summer-ready with dog grooming from friendly experts

Dog grooming is essential if you plan to share an active and enjoyable summer with your dog while keeping it safe from overheating, parasites, and irritation. Beech Lake Animal Hospital provides this and other types of care to pets in Lexington, TN, and we’ve been doing so for over 21 years.

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