Key Features to Look for in an Animal Care Center

December 2, 2019 at 5:00 AM
by Beech Lake Animal Hospital
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Your pet is important to you, so it's natural to want the best for them. Most pets require veterinary care at some stage in their lives, and, when they do, finding the right practitioner can mean the difference between having a pet who thrives and having one who struggles to overcome illnesses. At Beech Lake Animal Hospital, we've been serving the pets of Lexington, TN, since 2000. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent care, which is why we're here to tell you about the features you should look for in an animal care center.

Well-maintained practices with lots of space

It's always important to go and look at a veterinary practice before you register your pet there. Practices that are clean and well-maintained are usually safe places to take your pet too. Additionally, you should prioritize those that have spacious waiting areas. Many also feature separate spaces for different types of pets. For example, areas for dogs, areas for cats, and areas for smaller animals.

At Beech Lake Animal Hospital, we take great pride in maintaining our facilities. We're aware that a hygienic animal care center is a safe space for your pet to receive treatment in. Our team makes every effort to keep different areas clean, so you feel comfortable leaving your pet with us.

Ask for personal recommendations

It's easy for vets to do a good job of promoting themselves. It isn't always easy to get promotions from other people, though. Because of this, one of the truest indicators of how good an animal care center is, is word of mouth. Try asking friends and family members how they feel about certain centers, and learn from their own experience.

We routinely receive excellent feedback from those who bring their pets to us. We like to include testimonials on our site and we're always happy to see the reviews others leave for us online. If you'd like to know more about the feedback we receive, feel free to contact us.

Look for the right type of cover

Much like humans, animals can face emergencies during unsociable hours. If your pet falls ill during office hours, you need to know that you can find someone who'll provide them with care. It isn't always acceptable to wait until the morning, especially when it's an emergency.

At Beech Lake Animal Hospital, we offer emergency animal care services outside of our normal office hours. If you're facing an emergency with your pet, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Focus on distance too

Distance could become a deciding factor in choosing an animal care center. If you don't envisage visiting the center very often, you might not mind that you need to travel a little further to get there. But if you're going to be a regular user, or you'd rather have the peace of mind that you can reach a vet quickly, you need a local facility.

At Beech Lake Animal Hospital, we're located in Lexington, TN. If you live in Lexington or one of the surrounding areas, we're the right choice for you. Come and take a look at what we offer.

Ask about pricing

Price is a deciding factor for a lot of people. You'll need to know if the care center you're choosing works with your current insurance plan. Additionally, you may want to find out what the cost of different treatments are, especially if your current plan doesn't cover everything.

We always take a transparent approach to pricing and we're happy to discuss your insurance plan with you. Our aim is to deliver excellent care, without breaking through your budget.

At Beech Lake Animal Hospital, we serve the Lexington, TN, community. To make an appointment for your pet, call (731) 967-0090.