Vaccinating Your Furry Feline Friend and Other Beneficial Pet Services

June 3, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Most humans understand the importance of vaccination in preventing the spread of disease. The same principles that apply to human vaccinations also pertain to our cats.

Cat vaccinations protect our favorite fluffballs from many diseases like distemper, feline HIV, and rabies. Tennessee also requires that all cats be vaccinated against rabies, another important reason to keep your cat’s shots up to date.

Making sure your furry friend stays updated on their vaccinations is just one of the many services we at Beech Lake Animal Hospital provide to pets and their humans. Our talented veterinary professionals treat our furry patients like family, ensuring they receive the best possible care during every visit.

Whether you are bringing your fur baby in for a cat vaccination or boarding, we have you covered. We offer several services to fit your needs.

Boarding and Daycare

We get it. It is hard to leave your furry friend when you go away for a few days for work or pleasure. While most humans would happily take their pets along wherever they go, the reality is, not every place is equipped for or welcomes our furry buddies.

For those times when the humans simply cannot take their furry family members along, we provide a comfortable atmosphere at affordable prices. Whether boarding your cat or your dog, they will receive plenty of quality interaction and socialization with our dedicated staff. If your pet is on a special diet or medication – no problem! Medication is administered by our veterinary technicians who are trained in the proper dispensing for all medications.

Boarding with us can give you peace of mind, knowing that if your pet would experience any emergency event, they are safely in the hands of the professionals who can respond quickly.

At Beech Lake Animal Hospital, we also provide daycare options for our furry friends. Why leave your buddy at home alone during the workday? Make arrangements to drop them off for a fun-filled day of socialization with our caring staff in our animal-friendly environment.


Who doesn’t like to get their hair done to look and feel their best? Our furry friends are no exception. Regularly grooming your fluffy family members helps promote better hygiene, can reduce shedding, and allows for the early detection of any skin conditions requiring medical care. Animals with longer fur and hair additionally benefit from regular grooming, which prevents matted fur and painful tangles.

Pamper your pet with a trip to our top-notch grooming facilities. Our team can help you schedule an appointment today.

General Medicine and Surgery

Routine wellness checks, appointments for vaccinations, and emergency surgery are services we provide at Beech Lake Animal Hospital.

Keeping your pet updated with their vaccinations, dental checks, and de-fleaing are all services included in our general wellness exams. Just like humans benefit from regular visits to their primary care physicians, your furry family members need the occasional preventative checkup or treatment to stay in optimal health. Detecting any health problems as soon as possible offers the best outcome for your pet.

If your pet is experiencing an emergency situation, please give us a call and we will get them in right away. Our experienced veterinarians and vet assistants will assess the situation and handle your fur kid with the utmost respect and care. You can be assured we will take every measure possible to remedy the situation.

Our Animal Experts

Our dedicated team of vets and vet assistants has served the Lexington, TN area since 2000. Whether your furry friend is a regular patient, or you are looking for a new place to bring your pet for annual wellness exams or emergency treatment, give us a call today at 731-967-0090. We look forward to making your fluffy friend an honorary member of our extended family!